What do I Need and How do I Plan?

Below we have answered the most common questions for you. 

Why do I need the Waytrails app for my walking holiday / cycling holiday?

Waytrails offer a blend of self-curated and world-renowned trails that have been verified by the team for accuracy.

Through a single, accessible platform on your smartphone, the Waytrails app provides access to amazing trail experiences, stories, facts and content, and includes in-app booking for accommodation and transportation.

 Waytrails provides customers with autonomy and decision-making, enabling you to customize budget, travel options, and activities.

 The app also provides story-led checkpoints for convenient navigation.

 If you have a passion for the outdoors, enjoy learning more about the places you visit, and want to plan your trip efficiently, Waytrails offers everything you need in one place.

Whether you choose to tackle the a trail like the Western Front Way in manageable stages or all at once, Waytrails offers a wealth of insights into the human stories and historical significance of the areas you will explore.



Where do I stay on the Western Front Way?


We are continuously enhancing the Waytrails app to better serve walkers and cyclists with improved user-friendliness and convenience. We have rigorously tested and refined a variety of amenities to ensure they offer reliable resources.

Hotel accommodations are available along the WFW, allowing for flexible itinerary planning of any length. Through the app’s integration with booking.com, users can book accommodations in real-time and adjust their plans based on weather conditions and other factors impacting their journey. During peak seasons, advance booking is essential to secure accommodations.

The app serves as a comprehensive resource for everything you might need along the Western Front Way, including accommodation options, dining recommendations and amenities. Our goal is to simplify your journey, enabling you to focus on exploring the trails*

Campsites and Chambres d’hotes

You can find alternative accommodation in Gîtes de France, chambres d’hotes, or at well kept municipal campsites

Wild camping / bivouac is not prohibited but is tolerated and you must respect certain regulations – Le camping sauvage . Bivouacking is generally understood to mean a one-night stop, in respect to leaving no trace, and is implicitly authorised between the hours of 7 p.m and 9 a.m and is subject rules in coastal areas, listed natural sites and historic monuments. Making an open fire when wild camping in dry/and or wooded areas in France in summer is strictly forbidden. You must seek the owner’s permission if you camp on private land.**

*The WFW LTd, nor Waytrails, take responsibility or liability for the recommended providers; providers are suggested recommendations. The WFW Ltd, nor Waytrails, are in contractual or agreement obligations with the providers we recommend and we strongly advise third party users to research their own amenities. The WFW Ltd, or Waytrails, is not liable for any changes, costs or amendments to the amenities by the providers that are listed on our app or website.

**The WFW Ltd, nor Waytrails, take any responsibility, and are not liable, for third party users who choose to wild camp/bivouac. We strongly advise all third party users to be absolutely clear about local rules and regulations on wild camping/bivouac, to research what is and what is not permitted in the different areas, and never place themselves, others and the natural environment in any harm, danger or mismanagement. 


How long is the Western Front Way and where do I start?

The Western Front Way covers an impressive 1000 km, or 621 miles, with separate hike and bike trails of similar lengths. To make the journey more manageable, our app splits the route into various stages, allowing users to determine the terrain and distances they’ll be covering each day. 

From the south: access is via Basel Airport and a direct train to Porrentruy (CH). Opposite the station you will find the Hotel de la Gare. We recommend you spend the night here and take the 14mins regional train from Porrentruy to Bonfol, where the trail begins from outside the station directing you to Kilometre Zero. 

From the north: the trail begins in the coastal town of Nieuwpoort (BE). Access to Nieuwpoort from (Paris – ) Brussels to Ostend and then a regional tram to Nieuwpoort.

All stages along the route try to incorporate access to a major train station so that convenient returns to and from your adventures can be accessed if you are not doing the WFW in its entirety.  

How long does it take to walk the Western Front Way / cycle the Western Front Way?

It depends on the fitness and timescale of the users.

Hiking – Based on a walk of 15 miles a day – a standard long distance walk day. 15 miles a day is 41 days. Or 24km a day. The stages along the route are split into approximately 100km per stage. There are some areas where there are very little amenities and accommodation and could require users to walk up to 40km per day if they specifically wanted hotel to hotel. The more people begin to use the trails, the more local providers see the need for increased amenities.

Biking – The stages are set so that it is possible to accomplish the trail in 7 days biking with an average of 125km per day but you may wish to take rest days and explore local places. The Vosges and Alsace region is mountainous.

It is a viable proposition to complete the full distance in a week, and the fastest times recorded are under 5 days. 
There is a downside to faster speeds/journey times in that there is little or no time to explore any of the history and most of the sightseeing will be fleeting glimpses. It will be impossible not to absorb some of the historical elements, and even with an ambitious schedule there will be time for stops at some of the most significant sites (e.g. Verdun, Monsec, Thiepval). Perhaps the optimum duration would be a two-week schedule, which would allow for a deeper dive into some of the historical and cultural aspects, but whilst retaining the physical challenges. 


In the amenities section in FAQ you will find more information on alternative accommodation.


Can I cycle to Western Front Way?

Yes. With our partners, AF3V, we have developed the biking trail. 

It is possible to complete the WFW on a road bike, although some adjustments to the routing would be required to avoid the more off-road sections.
Tyre choice would be important, with wider tyres being suggested (28mm-30mm) to better handle the bike paths. 
Gravel/mountain bikes opens up the possibility of a very close alignment with the hike routing, which would only be influenced by the amount of kit the rider chose to carry and the allotted duration. There are bike shops along the way but they are infrequent and we recommend you to be self sufficient. The following sites advise of bicycles on public transport.


SNCB Belgium

Le Shuttle




How much does it cost?

By using the Waytrails app, you can access a comprehensive range of trails, content, amenities, and navigation tools to enhance your outdoor experience.

The app is accessible through a £3.99 monthly subscription or a £34.99 annual subscription.

It caters to both experienced and novice hikers and cyclists, offering customized content and itineraries tailored to different destinations, abilities, and timeframes. The app regularly updates its features and adds new trails and itineraries to further enrich your experience.

Why is this called a path of peace?

The lasting legacy of one soldier who wanted peace from the trenches during the war was written about in 1915. The greatest possible legacy of conflict is lasting and stable peace and education. Our pathway offers the chance to reflect on the cost of instability and conflict, the value of peace and the brave men and women who, in their small part, changed the course of history.


Our logo: A cornflower (blue) the remembrance flower of France; a daisy (white/yellow) the remembrance flower of Belgium; the Forget Me Not (purple), the remembrance flower of Germany and the Poppy (red) the remembrance flower of Britain and the Commonwealth.

Who inspired the Western Front Way?

Alexander Douglas Gillespie, a young man from the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. When writing home from the trenches to his headmaster, he first spoke of this path for peace, or via sacra as he referred to it as. He was killed shortly after writing this letter in 1915 in an attack on enemy lines, he was the last officer left standing but his body was never recovered. An image of him can be seen below.

How do I cancel my subscription / refund?

To cancel my subscription from Apple iPhone

To cancel my subscription from Android Phone

Google Play store refund process 

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*An app is bought directly from the Google Play or Apple Store.


How do I request to delete my app account

1. Firstly email Waytrails customer support: Open your email client and compose a new email to app@waytrails.com. In the email, provide your account details and clearly state that you want to delete your account. Be sure to use the email associated with your app account.

2. Subject Line: Use a subject line such as “Account Deletion Request” to ensure your email is directed to the appropriate department.

3. Wait for Confirmation: After sending the email, wait for a response from our app’s customer support team.  This could take up to 48hrs. This email will likely confirm your account deletion request and will provide additional details.



If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for here then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help


Iconic Sites

  • Kilometre Zero
  • Chemin Des Dames
  • Hartmannswillerkopf
  • Butte de Montsec
  • Verdun
  • Menin Gate
  • Vimy Ridge
  • Maison Blanche German Cemetery
  • Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
  • Sir John Monash Centre
  • Thiepval Memorial