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Below you will find the overview walking and cycling maps which show the main centres you will pass through if you hike or bike the Western Front Way. The Western Front Way app is currently in development which will lead all walkers and cyclists the length of the routes and take you accurately between these points, it is due for release in September 2022. Alongside the mapping, all users of the app will have GPS triggered content on their phones, content that will continually be added to and diversified.

The Western Front Way is a shared endeavour with our official partners in France and Belgium but having a fully marked path will evolve over time, and by users purchasing the app and using the routes this will only quicken the marking. If you would like more information do drop us a line at

We can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind you may suffer from using the suggested route click here to view our full Terms & Conditions.




The only app to navigate you along the entire length of the First World War trench lines from the Franco-Swiss border to the Belgian coast. Features on/offline map modes and automatically triggered historical content.

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